1.1 The official name of the society is Mongolian Society of Cardiologists  (hereinafter referred as Society).
1.2 The Society is independent, non-governmental organization serving for its members and the general public. The Society is established on the volunteer basis through uniting the cardiologists and other interested specialists of the country.
1.3 The Society shall has own stamp, emblem, official letter-head form and financial bank account.   
1.4 The Main administration office of the Society shall be located in Ulaanbaatar city of Mongolia.
1.5 The society shall conduct its activities within Mongolian Constitution, Law on Non-Governmental Organizations and other applicable Law and Regulations. Abiding Law and Regulation are the main principle of non-governmental organization.
1.6 The society was renewed in January 21, 2016.

To make quality health care services available and accessible for all population of Mongolia through increasing the number of highly qualified experts and services throughout the country.

2.2 The Society shall implement following main activities:
2.2.1 Shall organize an activities for expanding frame of cardiac specialists
2.2.2 Shall establish connections and cooperation with International cardiovascular centers and societies
2.2.3 Shall organize international professional trainings for its members
2.2.4 Shall conduct local professional trainings
2.2.5 Shall organize National and Regional conferences and meetings
2.2.6 Shall assist central and remote cardiologists to establish connections with each other
2.2.7 Shall support remote areas of the country to establish quality cardiovascular care services
2.2.8 Shall publish professional journals and disseminate health education information for the general public
2.2.9 Shall implement health projects and programs
2.3 The society shall be prohibited to conduct activities not within its purpose and principles.

The society will adopt following principles, which includes:
3.1 To be democratic and transparent
3.2 To be open and volunteer based
3.3 To respect equality
3.5 To be responsible
3.6 To be sensitive for ethics
3.7 To be based on mutual management and understanding
3.8 To make evidence based decision making
3.9 To be free from any politic party and power

4.1 General Assembly
4.1.1 The supreme authority of the Society shall be the General Assembly.
4.1.2 The valid attendance shall consist of majority members of the Society
4.1.3 The General Assembly meeting of the Society shall be organized at least once a year and Shall have following functions: To approve and/or amend the Bylaw of the Society To change the structure and/or functional scheme of the Society To choose and approve members of the Board and the Supervisory board of the Society To express in the reports of the activity presented by the President of the Society and on the financial accounts of the Society To discuss on the achievements and the progress of the ongoing projects and programs implemented by the Society To decide all the questions presented to it on the agenda To decide on the dissolution and the liquidation of the Society
4.1.4 The General Assembly meeting of the Society can be scheduled and convened by the decision of the Board prior to its next scheduled.
4.2 The Executive Board
4.2.1 The Executive Board shall be consisted of 7 members
4.2.2 The Executive Board shall convene once every quarter. If more than 50% of the Executive Board members agreed, meeting can be scheduled by the Executive Director anytime before next routine meeting.
4.2.3 Board decision shall be made based on the majority of the votes
4.2.4 The members of the Board can establish proposal for new  projects and programs
4.2.5 Each member of the Executive Board has right for 1 vote
4.2.6 The Executive Board meeting shall be documented
4.2.7 The Executive Board shall have following functions: Executive Board shall carry out the decisions of the General Assembly  To assure the realization of the Bylaw of the Society To approve budget of the Society To appoint the President of the Society To approve the budget, activity plan and the management of the executing organization To register organizations as the member to the Society To propose amendment to the Bylaw of the Society
4.2.8 The member of the Executive Board shall not take any reward and other payment except compensation emerged when he or she executed obligation.
4.3 The supervisory board
4.3.1 The supervisory board shall supervise and monitor the implementation of the decisions made by the General Assembly meeting and the financial expenditure
4.3.2 The supervisory board shall consists of 3 members
4.3.3 The membership of the supervisory board shall be chosen by General Assembly by 4 years.
4.3.4 Except members of the Executive Board, all other members have a right to be chosen as an member of the Supervisory Board.
4.3.5 In case member of the supervisory board was unable to fulfill her/his obligation and work, the board shall appoint temporal member.
4.3.6 The supervisory board shall select and approve management.
4.3.7 The Supervisory Board shall present the reports to General Assembly and the Executive Board
4.5 The President of the Society
4.5.1 The President of the Society shall be chosen by the General Assembly
4.5.2 The President of the Society shall have a right to be selected again
4.5.3 The President of the Society shall represent the Society international and local arenas
4.5.4 The President of the Society will be the Chair of the Executive Board
4.5.5 The President of the Society shall have right to sign in agreements and official documents of the Society.
4.5.6 In case the President no longer able to continue the duty, Executive Board shall appoint the new president until the next General Assembly meeting
4.6 The Executing Organization
4.6.1 The daily operations of the Society shall be carried out by the Executing organization of the Society, which consists of the Executive Director and the Secretariat
4.6.2 The Executive Director shall be appointed with terms of 4 years by the Executive Board.
4.6.3 Executive Director shall implement the below mentioned rights. To represent the society and spend asset within the right granted by the Executive Board To spend and manage approved budget and asset of the Society according to the appropriate regulation Other rights as provided in agreement
4.6.4 The rights, responsibilities, decision to dismiss, payment and bonus shall be regulated by agreement.
4.6.5 Executive Director shall execute own duty until new Executive Director is appointed after the Terms been ended
4.6.6 The Executive Director can be re-appointed
4.8 Membership
4.8.1 The membership Anyone can be member of the Society upon submission of his/her application The society can have Honorary and International members The Executive Director shall register individual applications and grant membership certificate Membership fee of the Society; 20’000 MNT for individuals and 300’000 MNT for legal body for one year
4.8.2 The rights of the member The members shall have right to participate in all events of the Society. The members shall have right to be elected as and Vote for the Executive Board members Each member shall have right for one vote The each member shall has a right to express own opinions related to the Society. The members shall have right to take support for improving professional knowledge and skills The members shall have right to receive professional assistance
4.8.3 The obligations of the Member Members shall actively participate in activities to promote the Society and its principles and activities Members shall constantly improve their knowledge and skills using the distant learning methodologies provided by the Society Members shall not participate in events against interest and the principles of the Society

5.1 The finance of the Society shall be composed by below mentioned sources
5.1.1 The tax and donation of members
5.1.2 The donation and grant of the sponsors
5.1.3 Through the Activities
5.1.4 Projects and programs
5.1.5 From other sources within the principles of the Society

6.1 The Society shall provide financial support to the activities that fulfills the Society’s mission
6.2 Making capital guarantee and/or making payments for individuals and legal body from Society’s budget shall be prohibited

7.1 The General Assembly shall make decision of restructuring and/or liquidating the Society.
7.2 As liquidating, remained asset shall be transferred to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) that have same Missions and if there is no such NGO, it shall be spent for activities with same mission